David Zalubowski / AP

A bill to expand the state’s medical marijuana program to cover sufferers of PTSD passed both houses of the legislature, but will Governor Cuomo sign it into law?

Veterans Help Their Own On Long Island

Aug 24, 2016
Courtesy of United States Marine Corps

A Long Island chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America is working with the Suffolk County Courts to help veterans on the wrong side of the law readjust to civilian life while treating their mental health issues.

Veterans Want Coverage For Medical Marijuana

Mar 15, 2016
Cassandra Basler / WSHU

At the counter of a dispensary in South Windsor, Conn., veteran Eddie Adkins flipped through a laminated menu of medical marijuana strains, doses and prices. He asked dispensary technician Lauren Boyette about a Cannibis sativa strain that he needs to treat his PTSD.

LI Congressional Delegation Unites on Vets Bill

Mar 10, 2016
Terry Sheridan / WSHU

Long Island’s four members of Congress are lining up behind the Fair Veterans Act, which would help veterans who were less-than-honorably discharged due to undiagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Former Marine Conley Monk Has Discharge Upgraded

Nov 4, 2015
Craig LeMoult

When former U.S. Marine Conley Monk, of West Haven, Conn., received paperwork telling him that he’d won his decades-long fight to have his service recognized by the military as honorable, he was speechless.

“I didn’t even have any words. I was just so happy,” Monk remembered, leafing through the papers that came in the mail when his discharge was upgraded. “You know, I just wish my father and mother was alive because I wanted them to see this day.”

It has been a decades-long quest for Monk to clear his name and have his service in Vietnam recognized.