Race Relations

Riverhead Police Take Latino Diversity Training

Jul 11, 2018

The Organización Latino-Americana is in the middle of a five-week Latino Diversity Training for Riverhead police.

Minerva Perez, the executive director of OLA of Eastern Long Island, says the goal is to foster dialogue that encourages a “safer community for all.”

AP Photo/Michael R. Blood

A Quinnipiac University poll released today shows that American voters are more concerned with health care and race relations than the economy.  

Pollster Tim Malloy says 22 percent of voters said that healthcare is the most important problem facing the nation today. 19 percent said race relations, and 15 percent said the economy.

How Did The Confederate Flag Come North?

Aug 17, 2017
Christina Hunt Wood

Christina Hunt Wood lives upstate, in Delaware County. In 2015, soon after the mass shootings at a church in Charleston, SC, she started noticing Confederate flags everywhere.

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Trinity College has seen a loss of donations and incoming students weeks after college professor Johnny Eric Williams made controversial Facebook posts about race relations.