Red Light Cameras

Suffolk County Approves $250K Red Light Camera Study

Oct 5, 2017
Tim Mueller / AP

The Suffolk County Legislature approved a $250,000 study on the increase of injury accidents at intersections with red light cameras. The bill passed along party lines.

Suffolk County Democrats Push For Red Light Camera Study

Sep 27, 2017
Tim Mueller / AP

Democrats in the Suffolk County Legislature want to commission a six-month study to look into whether red light cameras are creating more accidents.

Tim Mueller / AP

Red light cameras in Suffolk and Nassau Counties appear to have made better drivers out of Long Island residents, resulting in fewer accidents.

In Nassau County, Red Light Camera Revenue Short $3 Million

Jun 22, 2016
Tim Mueller / AP

The Nassau County Traffic Safety Board has reported millions of dollars in lost revenue from its red light traffic camera program.

According to a new report, Nassau County issued almost 100,000 fewer tickets through the camera program in 2014 than they had in the previous year, resulting in an eight percent drop in revenue.

Charles Lane / AP

Red light cameras are designed to catch drivers who run red lights. Studies have shown they make intersections less deadly. So why over the last several years have the number of communities using red light cameras fallen?