Ready at Dawn Studios

Composing the score for a game with minimal music and making it have an impact is exactly the kind of challenge Jason Graves loves! Good thing, too, because that was the assignment for Ready at Dawn's VR adventure game, Lone Echo. In our conversation, Jason explains that the little music there is in the game is meant to provide comfort for a player experiencing a very stressful mission.

Juan Patino

At this year's ASCAP Composers' Choice Awards, Tom Salta and Klayton (AKA Atlas Plug and Celldweller) were co-winners of Video Game Score of the Year for Killer Instinct, Season 3! Tom says working with Celldweller was a fun process that gave them a chance to create music for some of Season 3's new characters.

Highwire Games

How do you write music for a game that doesn't exist? That was the challenge Marty O'Donnell took on by writing a musical prequel to Highwire Games' Golem. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Marty drew on his expertise writing music for Halo and Destiny to create a completely new world in Echoes of the First Dreamer.

It's been ten years since Chance Thomas first brought Middle Earth to life with his music for Lord of the Rings Online! There's lots to celebrate: Chance has compiled his favorite tracks from LOTRO in a special album, and is in the process of creating music for the just-announced expansion, which takes us to Mordor. In our conversation, he explains that Tolkien's trilogy is still the primary source of his inspiration.

Mike Raznick says writing the music for AWAY: The Survival Adventure VR game in development by the studio Breaking Walls gave him the chance to combine his love of writing music for nature documentaries and games. He was hooked the moment he put on the headset and jumped off the cliff as a soaring bird!

Mike says one of the challenges in writing the music for AWAY was to have it support, but not overpower, the player's virtual reality experience.