Riverhead Hopes To Revive Aerospace Industry

Apr 3, 2017
Frank Eltman / AP

On Long Island, an aerospace start-up will purchase a former naval weapons plant, which could bring aerospace manufacturing back to the area.

Jessica Opatich / AP

About 100 people gathered in Riverhead on Wednesday to sign a petition against a proposed luxury golf course development on the East End of Long Island.

Black Lives Matter Protest Draws 100 In Riverhead

Jul 11, 2016
Jessica Opatich

Around 100 people gathered in downtown Riverhead on Long Island on Sunday to protest the killing of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota at the hands of police.

Two Towns, 3,000 Miles, One History

Apr 7, 2016
Will James

Trancito Perez was working in a New Jersey factory in 1975 when he asked a friend where he might find a job on a farm.

Perez had spent his childhood growing corn and beans with his father in his hometown of San Raymundo, Guatemala. After a year crisscrossing the United States, he longed to work in the open air.

“Long Island,” the friend said. So Perez went, settling in the Riverhead area on Long Island’s North Fork.

Riverhead, N.Y., is restarting its anti-bias task force in order to address a string of violent robberies against Latinos in the town.

Since its inception in 2007, Riverhead's anti-bias task force has met no more than a few times. But town officials and advocates for minorities say the group plans a public meeting later this month in order to discuss what they call a pattern of assaults and robberies directed at Latinos.