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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY, says people who have used home DNA kits to trace their ancestry probably don’t realize that they might be sharing their most personal information to third parties.

Schumer says the companies that administer the kits such and My Heritage don’t clearly disclose in their privacy agreements that they can sell the DNA info to a third party.

He says the terms of service suggest that the companies can sell the info for commercial purposes, and he wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and regulate the industry.

New England Researchers Race To Turn Seaweed Into Biofuel

Nov 21, 2017
Charlotte Weber / WSHU

For the last 10 years, scientists all over the world have been racing to figure out how to convert massive quantities of seaweed into biofuel. UConn Professor Charles Yarish is one of them. He’s spent his career studying seaweed, and he just got news that the federal government is going to fund one of his dream projects.

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A new UConn study looked at the health of parasites. You know, those horrible ticks and lice and tapeworms that we do our best to avoid? Well, their prospects aren’t looking great and it could have wide-reaching consequences.

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Is extinction forever? A Yale researcher is asking that question as she works to revive a type of giant tortoise that used to be found in the Galapagos.

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It took about 20 minutes and two helium tanks to fill up the huge latex balloon. A rope dangling from the bottom held onto an assortment of gadgets, including a video camera, parachute, and a razor attached to motor that was programmed to cut the rope at just the right altitude.

The excitement was muted -- and the seriousness high -- as students from the University of Hartford and University of Bridgeport prepared to launch the high-altitude balloon 35,000 into a clear blue sky.