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As the U.S. Air Force prepared to roll out a new sexual assault prevention strategy, it sent a delegation to Connecticut College, a small liberal arts school that introduced the same program several years earlier.

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For the first time in more than 50 years, the Yale Bulldogs have made it into the NCAA playoffs. The team just won its first playoff game against Baylor last night. But they’re in the competition without their captain, Jack Montague.

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Former Yale basketball captain Jack Montague was expelled over a sexual assault allegation and plans to sue the school, his attorney said Monday.

Attorney Max Stern issued a statement saying Montague had a relationship with the woman. He said the dispute is about the last of four sexual encounters, which occurred in October 2014.

The lawyer said the woman claims she didn't consent to the sex, but Montague said she did and also asserts she later came back to his room to spend the night.

For years, people have talked about a “no means no” approach to sexual consent. But victims’ advocates say that puts a burden of proof on sexual assault victims, instead of on the perpetrators.

The Connecticut General Assembly’s Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee heard testimony Tuesday over a bill that would take a different approach.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that extends orders of protection in domestic sexual assault cases.

Under the new law, protective orders would last through an offender’s probation term. The governor's office says those orders have often expired before probation ended. That meant offenders could go back home to the people they sexually assaulted.

In cases where a felony sexual assault conviction involves a family member, the new law requires a 10-year order of protection when an offender is given probation.