Sunday Baroque

Sunday Baroque Highlight

Oct 15, 2016

Music can have many effects, from soothing to cheery to energizing. Music can even be humorous or bizarre! Sunday Baroque will have fun with some over-the-top music, including a burlesque overture, a French opera about a swamp beast and an extravagant Venetian Concerto.


Classical Music Highlight: Sunday Baroque

Apr 12, 2016

“Capriccio” is a musical term for a lighthearted and whimsical instrumental composition with an improvisatory style and a free form. Capriccios are spontaneous and capricious  – not constrained by strict rules or musical forms! This weekend on Sunday Baroque, a Capriccio composed by a baroque musician for his royal employer’s hunting outings.

Classical Music Highlight: Sunday Baroque

Apr 1, 2016

Long before the Beatles motivated countless young people to pick up the guitar, Andres Segovia was inspiring people to take up the instrument with his virtuosic ability and fearless approach to playing transcriptions of music originally for other instruments. This week Sunday Baroque celebrates International Guitar Month with performances by Segovia and other top guitarists.