Superstorm Sandy

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The S.S. Savannah was the first American sailing steamer to cross the Atlantic. It ran aground trying to enter Long Island’s Great South Bay in 1821.

Underwater explorer Clive Cussler looked for it in the 1980s, but a Long Island man thinks he found it...on dry land.

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Immediately after Superstorm Sandy, Long Island officials wanted the Army Corps of Engineers to close an inlet formed in Bellport on the Great South Bay.

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The fourth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy is this weekend, and some Long Islanders still feel its effects.

Rebecca Schwartz, a psychologist at Northwell Health, worked with over 800 Long Island residents after the storm. She says that even after getting back into their homes, they’re still suffering from the trauma four years later.

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Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says the county is prepared for the remnants of Hurricane Hermine this weekend, and is urging residents to do the same.  

Long Beach Sets Up 'Help Station' To Aid Sandy Victims

Jul 22, 2016
Kathy Willens / AP

Nassau County is trying to reach out to residents who are still not back on their feet following Superstorm Sandy by setting up a “help station” on the boardwalk in Long Beach.

Michael Raab, the Storm Recovery Liaison with Nassau County, says even after residents get money from insurance or government programs, they still face many hurdles.