Teacher Evaluations


A task force by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reversing a number of policies in the Common Core standards, including parts of a measure on teacher evaluations pushed by Cuomo less than a year ago.

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New York State’s latest teacher evaluation system, which was supposed to be in place by Nov. 15, has essentially been put on hold as 90 percent of school districts have been granted waivers to delay its implementation. It represents a reversal for a policy championed by Governor Cuomo just last spring. 

The new rules for teacher evaluations were put in place last March, as part of the state budget. 

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Three quarters of school districts in New York State have applied for waivers from the new teacher evaluation rules set out by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the legislature in March. The news comes amidst lots of changes, including the leadership of the state Board of Regents.

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The first case challenging New York's law on teacher evaluations has been heard in the state Supreme Court.

Sheri Lederman, a teacher from Long Island, had some of her students score in the top 2 percent on state tests in 2013, but she received a failing evaluation because their scores did not improve from one semester to the next.

Lederman's lawyer is her husband, Bruce Lederman. He argued on Wednesday that the computer-based teacher evaluation system is inaccurate and unreliable.