Courtesy of United Way of Long Island

United Way of Long Island has won a U.S Department of Energy award for building a custom, renewable energy home for veterans and people with special needs.

Veterans Help Their Own On Long Island

Aug 24, 2016
Courtesy of United States Marine Corps

A Long Island chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America is working with the Suffolk County Courts to help veterans on the wrong side of the law readjust to civilian life while treating their mental health issues.

Scott Jackson, the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Labor, said Monday that his department is using its database to find unemployed and underemployed veterans for advanced manufacturing programs.

“Veterans emerged as a group that we could really reach out to in a very targeted way and they are folks that we need to reach out to because we owe it to them for their service.” Jackson said.

Former marine John Jenner, an instructor at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, said vets have skills well suited for manufacturing.

Steven Senne / AP

Federal officials say Long Island has eliminated chronic homelessness among veterans. That means there is a system in place to permanently house all known and future homeless veterans.

Christopher Cameron / WSHU

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco has announced a program to help incarcerated veterans re-enter society.

The Incarcerated Veterans Re-Entry Initiative will create a special housing unit for veterans within Suffolk County’s correctional facilities.