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Some Connecticut municipalities continue to make repairs following two tornados that swept through the area.

Many school districts in Connecticut and Long Island face a time crunch after the four big nor’easters this month. Some districts are planning to take days away from already planned vacations in order to make up the lost time before they can end the school year.

Newsday reports at least six Long Island school districts will hold classes on one or two days during their spring breaks.

Other districts may cut vacation time around Memorial Day or even extend the school year in June.

Winter Wonderland? Enough Already.

Mar 13, 2018
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Residents in New York and Connecticut are tired of the winter weather as another nor’easter leaves behind slushy sidewalks and wet roads.

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A Connecticut town is asking the governor to declare a state of emergency because the river that runs through the community has become jammed with massive chunks of ice.

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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., says a Republican proposal to cut funds for weather satellites is a direct threat to the tri-state area.

The House of Representatives proposed a $369 million cut to NOAA’s satellite program. Schumer says the satellites gather 85 percent of the data used by forecasters to predict and track hurricanes and nor’easters.

Schumer points to recent forecasts that predict a busier than normal hurricane season in the Northeast.

He says the forecasts help cities and states better prepare for floods and other storm related damage.