Yale Law School

7:13 pm
Fri December 5, 2014

In New Haven, Conn., Hundreds Join National Protest Against Police Killings Of Unarmed Black Men

Demonstrators lay flat on their backs on the pavement in front of Yale Law School on Wall Street, in New Haven, Conn., on Friday Dec. 5, 2014. The four and half minute "die-in" was to honor the four and half hours that 18-year-old Michael Brown lay dead on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri, after being shot by a white police officer. The demonstration was organized by Yale Law School students.
Credit Ebong Udoma

More than 300 demonstrators in New Haven, Connecticut, joined protests around the country on Friday over recent police killings of unarmed black men.

They chanted “black lives matter” in front of the New Haven Superior Court.  Prior to that, they formed a four-block-long human chain from Yale Law School to the court house.

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Attorneys criticize NSA spying & drones strikes
10:55 pm
Tue April 1, 2014

Nader leads conference at Yale Law criticizing Obama administration on whistleblowers

From left, Edgar S. Cahn, Jesselyn Radack and Bruce Fein at Yale Law School on Tuesday
Credit Craig LeMoult

Longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader organized a conference at Yale Law School yesterday to discuss issues related to whistleblowers and what he called the national security state.  He was joined by two lawyers who represent NSA leaker Edward Snowden and his family.

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Nader moderates conference at Yale Law School
10:42 pm
Tue April 1, 2014

A conversation with Ralph Nader on whistleblowers, NSA spying, GM, & Congressional politics

Ralph Nader at Yale Law School on Tuesday
Credit Craig LeMoult

For five decades, Ralph Nader has spoken out against injustices he’s seen in the commercial world and in government. The longtime consumer advocate and sometime presidential candidate is a lifelong resident of Winsted, CT and still lives there today.  And today, he’s organized and is moderating a panel discussion at Yale University entitled “Showdown for Democracy: Lawyers, Whistleblowers and the National Security State.” He spoke with WSHU's Craig LeMoult.

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New Haven man sues ICE over shackles
10:13 am
Wed March 12, 2014

Federal judge says using shackles during immigration proceedings violates rights

A federal judge has ruled Immigrations and Customs Enforcement violated a New Haven man’s constitutional rights when he was shackled during immigration court proceedings. The federal judge’s ruling late last week does not force ICE to stop the practice. It says there should have been an assessment to determine if the shackling was necessary in the case of Mark Reid. Reid is represented by the Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic at Yale Law School.

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