Classical Music Highlights

From WSHU's daytime and evening classical programs, Kate Remington and Lauren Rico give you a heads-up on some of the best music they've selected.

The viola has a darker, richer voice than a violin, which Keith Jarrett captures in his piece, "Bridge of Light." We'll enjoy it today.  

Richard Strauss cast himself in the starring role in his symphony, 'A Hero's Life." We'll enjoy it tonight.  

Carl Orff's Carmina Burana is written on such a massive scale that it's challenging to perform live.  With that in mind, Orff arranged it for wind ensemble.  We'll enjoy that version today.  

Mozart's music is admired by so many that tonight we'll turn the tables and enjoy a symphony by a composer he met on a tour of Italy, whose crisp, clear style he held in high regard.


This morning we'll enjoy a performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony by the Vienna Philharmonic, using the new edition, which cleared away centuries of publishing errors.