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Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Conn.
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Connecticut lawmakers are expected back at the State Capitol on Thursday. They’ll be there to finally vote on the state’s two-year budget that was supposed to have taken effect on July 1. Lawmakers have spent the past three months since they adjourned from their regular session arguing about how to fix a $3.5 billion deficit in the state’s $40 billion two-year budget.

Connecticut Only One Of Amazon’s Many Suitors

Sep 12, 2017
Julio Cortez / AP

The State of Connecticut is putting together a proposal to lure Amazon to build its next headquarters in the state.

The Seattle-based company recently announced it wants spend $5 billion on a second headquarters to house as many as 50,000 employees.

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Democratic state lawmakers in Connecticut have dropped their plans for an across the board sales tax increase to help balance the state’s two-year budget. That budget is more than two months late and is projected to be $3.5 billion in deficit.

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Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal held an emergency hearing in New Haven Monday. The purpose was to gather testimony on the impact of President Trump’s immigration policies.

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In 2013, Connecticut was the first state in the nation to require a massive study on traffic stop data to see if there is systematic racial profiling.

Researchers at Central Connecticut State University have been analyzing the traffic stop data from local police departments around the state for the past four years.  And they want police departments to adopt a new technology so they can get better data. They have found that some police departments still use paper forms when reporting traffic stops, and don’t always submit them.