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Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Conn.
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The town of Greenwich, Connecticut, was one of several around the country to see local Democrats win seats in this week’s election. But it drew national news, before the election, when the campaign turned ugly online. 

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It’s breeding time for deer in Connecticut, which means biologists and hunters are paying close attention to two things: car collisions and acorns.

Connecticut Congressional Delegation Rejects GOP Tax Bill

Nov 9, 2017
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Members of Connecticut’s all Democratic congressional delegation have been meeting this week to discuss the GOP tax plan. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of New Haven called it a Republican tax giveaway to millionaires and corporations.

“I couldn't be more proud to stand with the Connecticut delegation to reject this tax bill that leaves behind working people and the middle class.”

DeLauro says the bill would eliminate vital deductions like those for medical expenses, student loans, as well as state and local tax deductions.

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Northern New Jersey is one of the highest-taxed places in the country. So a tax cut sounds great to a lot of people there. But the House Republican plan being debated this week may actually raise the taxes of many people in the region.

Anthony Moaton

Former New York Times correspondent and Westport, Connecticut, resident Jarret Liotta has a new documentary, Community & Country: A Spirit of Service, which looks at three generations of veterans in Westport.