David Bouchier

David Bouchier’s weekly essays are full of unexpected observations and whimsical opinions. Listeners will relish his entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes exasperated commentaries on the routines that carry us through the year, the surreal rituals of politics, the unsettling experience of foreign travel, and the confusions and comedies of everyday suburban life.

No Time To Lose

Mar 9, 2015

Daylight Saving Time is an illusion, of course. We can't save daylight, any more than we can save time itself. Barring some massive disruption in the solar system, there will be exactly as much daylight as there ever was, and time will keep ticking along at its usual relentless pace. But this ritual of changing the hour always reminds me just how many clocks we have around the house, and how much time we waste re-setting them all twice a year, especially since clocks and watches became so complicated. It used to be easy.

We'll Do This Later

Mar 2, 2015

It's almost too soon to mention the fact that National Procrastination Week began yesterday, but one day late is better than nothing.

If there is any positive benefit to be had out of winter it is benefit of a purely philosophical kind. That is to say that winter, which is so unpleasant physically, may have something to teach us intellectually. Let's consider, as we begin the last week of February, what we can learn from winter that will improve our frozen minds.

I Cannot Tell A Lie

Feb 16, 2015

On President's Day we naturally think about George Washington - soldier, statesman, first President, and patriotic icon. In the days when history was taught in schools, every child knew the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. Young George, running amok with a chainsaw, lopped off one of his father's favorite trees. When accused of the crime, the boy is supposed to have said: "Father, I cannot tell a lie," and confessed.

February is not the right time for romance, but we have no choice. The unstoppable Valentine juggernaut is heading straight at us. Some people may have a hard time getting in the mood, especially if it starts snowing again.

Fortunately, there's a whole industry dedicated to being romantic for us, so we don't have to. Florists, restaurant owners and card manufacturers have the whole business under control. Romance can be accomplished with a couple of phone calls and a quick trip to the local card store.