Music Interviews

Conversations with the performers, the conductors, the composers and other people instrumental in creating today's live and recorded classical music. 

Seven The Days Long Gone is set on a post-apocalyptic prison island, where scavenging and stealth are the main ways to stay alive. As bleak as the game world is, composer Marcin Przybylowicz felt strongly that music should be an integral part of the experience because, as he says, "music is part of our humanity."

Like lots of 10-year olds, Trevor Gomes was completely sucked into the world of Pokémon! Years later, he and a group of talented arrangers recreated all those happy memories of the classic Pokémon games with stunning piano arrangements and performances.

The Connecticut Chamber Choir celebrates its 40th anniversary this season! Kate Remington talked with Artistic Director Constance Chase about this season, which kicks off with a concert of sacred music by Mozart and Johann Michael Haydn on Sunday, January 14, at St. Theresa Church in Trumbull, CT, at 4:00.

The latest chapter in the Dead Rising story sees hero Frank West heading back to the little town of Willamette, Colorado, to handle another Christmas zombie outbreak. This time, he has help from some Capcom Heroes! Composer Oleksa Lozowchuk said he and the music team at Capcom Vancouver had a blast mixing themes from Mega Man, Ryu and others into the soundtrack for Frank's Big Package.

Who murdered Nikola Tesla? It's up to you to find out. Composer Cris Velasco says he was hooked the moment he read the stories of the characters in Tequila Works' Virtual Reality experience, The Invisible Hours. On the surface it seems like a straightforward murder mystery: you're a fly on the wall as a detective tries to determine who murdered Nikola Tesla in his mansion. And yet....there's more to every character than meets the eye.