Music Interviews

Conversations with the performers, the conductors, the composers and other people instrumental in creating today's live and recorded classical music. 

Stamford Symphony Orchestra's performance of selections of Handel's Messiah is a long-standing holiday tradition. This year's performance, at the Basilica of St. John in Stamford, is Saturday, December 9. It's conducted by Ted Sperling, and features the MasterVoices chorale. Kate Remington talked with Ted, who shared what Messiah means to him.

Sledgehammer Games

Ever since he played the first Call of Duty in college, composing a score for the series and writing music for a game set during World War II have been dual career goals for Wilbert Roget, II. Those goals lined up when he was offered the chance to write the soundtrack for the newest game in the franchise: Call of Duty: World War II.

Eric Mahl is the last of the finalists for the Ridgefield Symphony's new conductor position. He's chosen a program of Russian favorites for his debut with the symphony on Saturday, December 2. Kate Remington talked with Eric about his enthusiasm for the symphony, and his ideas for its future.

Another World, released in 1991 by Eric Chahi, is a game that was far ahead of its time. It's a haunting, lonely experience as scientist Lester is transported to a  harsh,  dying world and taken captive. Composer and sound designer Rich Douglas has been playing the game every year since it came out, and on his most recent playthrough, he noticed how creative the music by Jean-Francois Freitas was.