Music Interviews

Conversations with the performers, the conductors, the composers and other people instrumental in creating today's live and recorded classical music.

After 13 years, Inon Zur reunites with some old friends and meets new ones, as the composer for Benoit Sokal's adventure game, Syberia 3! Heroine Kate Walker sets out on an epic journey to save the Youkal Tribe. Sokal said his inspiration for the Youkals is the nomadic Siberian and Mongolian tribes, which gave Inon plenty of musical ideas, as you'll hear in our conversation.

Syberia 3 releases in Europe on April 20th, and in North America on April 25th.


Winifred Phillips says that when she was just starting as a composer, there was no friendly reference guide to writing game music, so recently she wrote her own! A Composer's Guide to Game Music has been a huge success. I caught up with Winifred after her session about creating tension in music at the Game Developer's Conference.

After 12 years as music director of the Stamford Symphony, Eckart Preu is moving on. In our conversation about his last concerts this weekend, April 8th and 9th, we talked about the pieces by Grieg and Sibelius on the program, and also how much he enjoyed conducting the orchestra, noting that their talent was like being able to drive a race car.


Cris Velasco has earned a reputation for writing some really terrifying music, and that landed him a spot on the team composing the soundtrack for Resident Evil 7. Cris and I talked about what makes music scary, and how he created his horrifying cues for RE7, using a sound library that included strings, vocals, and buzzing beehives!

Red Barrels

Outlast, from Red Barrels Studio, is a different kind of horror game, with a protagonist whose only weapon is a video camera. It was so successful, a sequel is planned for release on April 25th. At GDG, I talked with composer Samuel Laflamme about how he created a special blend of tense music for both games, including a cymbal that sounds like a human scream!