Music Interviews

Conversations with the performers, the conductors, the composers and other people instrumental in creating today's live and recorded classical music. 

Mike Raznick says writing the music for AWAY: The Survival Adventure VR game in development by the studio Breaking Walls gave him the chance to combine his love of writing music for nature documentaries and games. He was hooked the moment he put on the headset and jumped off the cliff as a soaring bird!

Mike says one of the challenges in writing the music for AWAY was to have it support, but not overpower, the player's virtual reality experience.

Composer Stephen E. Cox says the chance to write the music for Farpoint, Impulse Gear's ambitious Virtual Reality game for Sony, was a dream come true because it's exactly the kind of science fiction world he's loved since he was a kid. As he told me, getting the right vibe for the music without relying on the usual clichés was a fun challenge.

Get Even Game

Olivier Derivière pushes the envelope of how music can be part of a game in his score for the psychological thriller, Get Even. Olivier grew his music organically from the in-game sounds, and as he explained after I caught up with him after his session at the Game Developer's Conference, it took lots of experimentation!

insomniac games

Gareth Coker describes The Unspoken from Insomniac Games, as "Fight Club for Wizards!" This unique virtual reality game gives players a chance to battle each other using incredibly powerful spells. Gareth says he spend weeks experimenting to get just the right palette for the soundtrack, then found the perfect musicians to perform it.

Vladimir Vizireanu's first season as the new music director of the North Shore Symphony Orchestra is wrapping up with a concert on Saturday, June 3, featuring the winners of the New Horizons Composer Competition and winners of the NSSO Young Artist Competition. Kate Remington talked with Vlad about starting from scratch with a new orchestra and his future plans for the NSSO.