What Thanksgiving At Home Means To A Veteran Who Lived On The Streets

Last Thanksgiving, Wilfredo Gutierrez was in prison for shoplifting. For two Thanksgivings before that, he was on the streets. This Thanksgiving, he’s living in a spare one-bedroom apartment in West Haven. There’s a little furniture, including a couch his son bought him. Gutierrez has been married twice and has five children.
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Obama Administration Says House Bill Would Give 'Cover' To White-Collar Defendants

The bipartisan effort to overhaul the criminal justice system for drug offenders has hit a speed bump.Some members of Congress are trying to tie those lighter punishments for drug defendants to a new bill that the Justice Department says would make it harder to prosecute a range of crimes from food safety to business fraud.The plan, passed by voice vote by the House Judiciary Committee to little notice last week, would require prosecutors to prove guilt to a higher standard in many cases, by...
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Skill Or Chance? Question Looms Over Fantasy Sports Industry

A New York judge will weigh in on Wednesday whether fantasy sports is based on skill or chance.New York's attorney general's office has filed lawsuits against the two biggest daily fantasy sports companies, FanDuel and DraftKings, demanding that they stop taking bets in New York because their games are based on chance, which makes them gambling and illegal under New York state law. Daily fantasy sports companies insist that their games are legal because they're based on skill.The case is...
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In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead this month, U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, along with Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer of New York, are trying to pass a bill that they say would prevent suspected terrorists in America from buying guns.

Ferguson: One Year Later

Nov 24, 2015

One year ago tonight, an announcement came from the St. Louis County prosecutor in Ferguson Missouri. Darren Wilson, a white police officer, would not be indicted for fatally shooting an unarmed black 18-year-old named Michael Brown.

The city of Ferguson erupted. Protesters set fire to more than a dozen buildings around the city. Police officers used tear gas, smoke, armored vehicles, snipers and police dogs to quell the demonstrations, which continued for weeks.

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A new national study finds that cars sitting in the 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in the U.S. burn 35 million gallons of gas and produce 370,000 tons of carbon per year.

The study was released today by AAA.

Of the 50 worst bottlenecks, three of them are in the tri-state state area. They include the Cross Bronx, the Van Wyck, and the Long Island Expressways.

It started with a boom and ended with a touchdown: Blue Origin, the space company founded by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, has sent a craft past the edge of space and then landed its rocket safely – and vertically — in Texas.

Turkey says that after issuing 10 warnings in five minutes, two of its F-16s shot down a Russian warplane that Turkey claims violated its airspace.

Tiny computers have allowed us to do things that were once considered science fiction. Take the 1960s film, Fantastic Voyage, where a crew is shrunk to microscopic size and sent into the body of an injured scientist.

While we aren't shrinking humans quite yet, scientists are working with nanotechnology to send computers inside patients for a more accurate and specific, diagnosis.

Reflecting On U.S. Response To Syrian Refugees

Nov 23, 2015
By Cassandra Basler

Connecticut welcomed a Syrian refugee family that was turned away by the governor of Indiana last week. A nonprofit in New Haven that works with refugees from Syria, and all over the world, said their refugee clients face challenges ahead.

Sam Phillips, founder of the label Sun Records, didn't care much about making flawless recordings.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of the energy company Kinder Morgan, filed a federal application Friday to build new natural gas pipelines in parts of the Northeast, including Connecticut.


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