3 Charts That Show What's Actually Happening Along The Southern Border

The total number of people apprehended for illegally crossing the southern U.S. border has been steadily falling for almost two decades. It's a long-term trend that sociologists, economists and federal officials have been tracking for years. The trend apparently at odds with statements made this week by President Trump , the secretary of Homeland Security and the attorney general . They defended the administration's detention and prosecution policies by saying that the number of people...

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More Oil From OPEC May Not Mean Relief At The Gas Pumps Anytime Soon

It's the summer driving season, when millions of Americans take road trips to the beach, big cities, national parks and beyond. And what goes along with an increase in road trips? A hike in gas prices. Indeed, historically summer is the time of year gas prices go up because more people are on the road, increasing demand. Oil refineries also introduce special fuel blends during the summer, which emit fewer emissions than winter blends but are more expensive to produce. But a Friday OPEC...

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Animated History: The Evolution Of Parenting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALMHIVCB4fs The Great Wall of China. A walk on the moon. Genome sequencing. How did we humans, who share almost all of our DNA with chimpanzees, end up doing all that, while they ended up pretty much where they started? Some scientists will tell you it was language, or tools, or brainpower. Another group of researchers has come up with a new and surprising theory — that something else put us on the road to success. They say it has to do with how we raised our...

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Early in his memoir Room to Dream, filmmaker and artist David Lynch seems to question the entire purpose of memoirs. Talking to Jack Nance, star of Lynch's deliriously baffling debut film Eraserhead, Lynch says there's no way to convey the essence of life moments. "You can tell all the stories you want," he says, "but you still haven't gotten what the experience was like across. It's like telling somebody a dream. It doesn't give them the dream."

Brendan Capuano / WSHU

This Saturday, Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, IRIS, is celebrating World Refugee Day with a food festival and concert in New Haven. One of the chefs invited reporters into her home to get a taste of what she will be serving on Saturday.

Connecticut State Department of Correction

Staff at the Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, which houses serious offenders younger than 21, say they’ve been injured more often on the job. And they're blaming new disciplinary policies.

Sarah Eagan, Connecticut’s child advocate, says she’s working on a study to address the issue.  

“The issues that we’re looking at very closely are about discipline procedures, discipline response, the rate of incidents, what type of incidents there are, how youth are engaged in incidents are handled.”

Elaine Thompson / AP

Republican and Democratic political leaders in Connecticut agree that the U.S. Supreme Court allowing states to force shoppers to pay sales tax when they make online purchases is good for the state.

President Donald Trump has revoked a national policy that promotes ocean health. 

Tony Gutierrez / AP

Chronic Absenteeism was the first topic discussed by Connecticut’s Trafficking in Persons Council at its June meeting on Thursday.  

Andres Leighton / AP

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Mayor Joe Ganim joined several big city mayors from around the country in Tornillo, Texas, on Thursday. They were there to protest the housing of migrant children in cages at a federal government children’s detention facility.

“Although we can’t order the federal government to do anything, we came here as the mayors of the largest cities to speak, I believe, for the American people in many ways and tell them how this tragedy, this immoral action, and actions that continue, need to stop. America won’t stand for it. The mayors speak in unison here.

Pete Dzintars / Flickr

The 2018 legislative session ended quietly, as Democrats and Republicans in the legislature failed to agree on major issues and exited the Capitol until next January. Although Governor Cuomo is now leaving the door open to calling them back. 

Electric Boat

The parent company of Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut, is being criticized for working with children who have been taken from their parents at the southern border.

Cuomo Says Estimated Number Of Separated Immigrant Children In New York Grows

Jun 21, 2018
Andres Leighton / AP

New York Governor Cuomo says there are as many as 700 immigrant children in child care services in New York State, and he’s demanding that state health care professionals have access to them, saying under New York’s Constitution, the state is responsible for their welfare.


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