What The Pileup Of U.S. Disasters Means For The World

The charity World Vision International is a major provider of disaster relief across the globe. So when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the group's office in the United States revved up its fundraising big-time. "We've raised just under $4 million in cash donations," says Drew Clark , senior director of emergencies at World Vision's U.S. office. Two weeks later Hurricane Irma roared through the Caribbean and Florida. This time World Vision brought in $900,000. Then came the big earthquake in...

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DeVos Is Sued By 17 States; Richard Spencer And Colleges; Race and Student Loans

Our weekly roundup of education news and happenings may make you uncomfortable, but please don't ban our inconvenient truths. A Mississippi district bans To Kill A Mockingbird The classic 1960 novel was pulled from a junior high reading list , according to the Biloxi Sun Herald , because some were made "uncomfortable" by the use of the n-word. The decision was roundly criticized. The book was temporarily banned last year from schools in Accomack County, Virginia. New Mexico restores science...

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Iowa Tries A New Domestic Violence Intervention: Mindfulness

Across the parking lot from a YMCA in Des Moines, about a dozen men sit on black plastic chairs in the basement of a former Catholic high school. This is a court-ordered class for domestic abusers, part of a new statewide curriculum for batterer intervention in Iowa. According to police reports, one man here kicked his wife several times in the stomach. Another threw a lamp at his girlfriend's head. Lucas Sampson - a man with the imposing appearance of a viking but the gentle demeanor of...

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Ryan Caron King / WNPR

Several New England U.S. Senators are among those urging federal officials to make sure the hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico is accurate.

Gene J. Puskar / AP

Connecticut taxpayers would no longer have to pay a property tax on cars as of next July. That’s one of the provisions of a tentative budget compromise reached by the state’s Republican and Democratic legislative leaders.

Rose Crumb can't even count the number of people she's helped die.

The former nurse, 91, who retired in her mid-80s, considers the question and then shakes her head, her blue eyes sharp above oval spectacles.

"Oh, hundreds," estimates Crumb, the woman who almost single-handedly brought hospice care to the remote Pacific Northwest city of Port Angeles, Wash., nearly 40 years ago.

Senate Republicans passed a $4 trillion budget blueprint late Thursday by a narrow 51-49 vote, with Kentucky's Sen. Rand Paul joining Democrats in opposing the measure considered a key step in forward on President Trump's promises of a tax overhaul.

The White House praised the bill, saying it "creates a pathway to unleash the potential of the American economy through tax reform and tax cuts."

AP Photo/Frank Eltman

Five years ago this Sunday, Hurricane Sandy began to form off the coast of Jamaica. Within a week the hurricane evolved into a deadly and destructive superstorm. In the U.S. alone, it left 157 people dead and caused more than $71 billion in damage.  

Updated at 7 p.m. ET

White House chief of staff John Kelly — a retired Marine general whose own son died in Afghanistan — appeared at the White House press briefing on Thursday, attempting to quell the controversy around a phone call President Trump made to a grieving military widow.

You might say George W. Bush wants to make America great again.

In remarks Thursday, he criticized the kind of politics, sentiment and populism that led to President Trump's rise and election — though he never named Trump explicitly.

goNewHavengo / Facebook

Two Yale University students are transforming two New Haven street parking spaces into temporary public spaces.

Rep. Himes Weighs In On Connecticut's Budget

Oct 19, 2017
Christian Carter / WSHU

U.S. Representative Jim Himes, D-CT4, weighed in on the state’s budget woes at a career fair at Sacred Heart University on Wednesday.

Gerald Herbert / AP

Connecticut officials are now saying they expect 77,000 people to come to the state from Puerto Rico following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.   


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