Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut Governors Race: Who's Taking Public Funding?

For the first time since 2010 the Democratic candidate for governor in Connecticut will likely not receive state money to campaign this year.

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Richard Drew / AP

Preview: Long Island Primary Day

Tuesday is primary day in New York State. Among the races: the Democratic Primary to select a candidate to face incumbent Lee Zeldin in New York’s 1st Congressional District in Suffolk and Peter King in New York’s 2 nd Congressional District, which includes portions of Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

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Getting Your Laughs Where You Can In The Wide World Of Stand-Up

How's your week going so far? That well, huh? We understand. Over on our show, Pop Culture Happy Hour , we recently spent an episode talking all about comedy specials , which play a unique role for us in helping hard times feel a little less taxing. Stephen Thompson of NPR Music, Glen Weldon of the NPR arts desk, Mike Katzif of Ask Me Another and I chose two specials each to highlight from the last couple of years. For a long time, the primary source of stand-up on television was basic cable,...

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Morbid Anatomy

Jun 21, 2018
Davis Dunavin / WSHU

Cemeteries are not places where you’re likely to find a library – except perhaps one that deals with death. This library is the result of one woman’s quest to change how we think and talk about the subject of death. And you’ll find it – at least for now – in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

Jessica Hill / AP

The University of Connecticut fired men’s basketball coach Kevin Ollie after finding NCAA violations that included improper training sessions and improper contact with recruits by Ollie and former UConn star Ray Allen, according to documents released by the school.

Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut now has two new laws that are designed to help the state plan ahead for climate change and the production of clean energy.

At a signing ceremony, Governor Dannel Malloy said the new energy law would require state utilities to increase the percentage of renewable energy in their portfolios from the current 25 percent to 40 percent by 2030. Malloy says this would help boost the state’s economy.

Jessica Hill / AP

The ballot is set for the August 14 gubernatorial primaries in Connecticut, with the Secretary of the State’s office certifying the last two candidates. 

Those are Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim and Greenwich hedge fund manager David Stemermen. 

Some online sales are about to start costing more.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that states can require retailers to collect and remit sales taxes on out-of-state purchases. The 5-to-4 decision reversed decades-old decisions that protected out-of-state vendors from sales tax obligations unless the vendor had a physical presence in the state.

Remember the first time you fell in love? That's the experience, heartbreak and all, that Mountains Studio creates with Florence, which follows a young woman through her first grown-up love affair. Kevin Penkin created an intimate soundtrack of chamber music, with a piano representing Florence, and a cello for the voice of her lover, Krish, who is actually a cellist in the game.

After a month-long investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and verbal abuse, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Díaz has been cleared by MIT to continue teaching there next year.

President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday ending his administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents who were detained as they attempted to enter the U.S. illegally.

China is threatening to impose new tariffs on lobsters from the U.S. in what could be the latest volley in a growing trade war. But the American lobster industry is already starting to feel the impact of steel tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

Bob Morris opens the bulkhead doors to his basement in Rockport, Massachusetts, and heads down into his workshop. Morris is a lifelong lobsterman, and when he's not out hauling lobster traps, he's building them in his basement.


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