The Connecticut Supreme Court has rejected a former death row inmate's appeal of one of his murder convictions.

Justices ruled 7-0 Monday that a lower court didn't violate Russell Peeler Jr.'s rights when it refused to order the state to pay for a lawyer of his choice for his 2013 retrial in the 1997 killing of Rudolph Snead Jr. in Bridgeport, after the Supreme Court overturned his conviction.

He was convicted at retrial after the state hired another lawyer and sentenced to 105 years in prison.

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The Suffolk County Police Department has released surveillance video of the shooting of Oheka Castle owner Gary Melius two years ago.

Melius, a developer who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars toward political campaigns on Long Island, was shot in the head by an unknown gunman in Oheka Castle’s parking lot. Melius has since recovered from his injuries.

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Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel's conviction for a 1975 murder was the result of a myriad of poor decisions by his trial lawyer, who failed to tell jurors that his brother might have committed the killing, Skakel's appellate attorney told the Connecticut Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Outside the courtroom, Skakel's cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr. repeated previous statements he has made about evidence showing two other men killed teenager Martha Moxley, who was bludgeoned to death with a golf club in the wealthy Greenwich neighborhood where she and the Skakel family lived at the time.



A Connecticut judge has ruled that three police recordings weren't given to lawyers for a man convicted of killing a mother and her two daughters during a brutal 2007 home invasion.

The findings by New Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue on Tuesday provide a boost to Joshua Komisarjevsky's pending appeal before the state Supreme Court. The recordings are of calls between officers during the response to the home invasion.

Freeport, NY License Plate Readers Catch Criminals

Feb 8, 2016
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Freeport, N.Y., is sending a message to criminals coming into the village: enter at your own risk. The village’s mayor said that’s because of the success of its newly installed license plate reading system.

Mayor Robert Kennedy calls it a fiber-optic ring around the village. The village’s License Plate Reading system has resulted in the recovery of 16 stolen vehicles, 2,000-plus summonses, and 25 arrests over the last three months.

"One of the people that came into the Village of Freeport, with a stolen vehicle, was wanted for murder in Virginia," he said.