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During her sophomore year at Southern Connecticut State University, Cinthia Perez and her younger brother dropped out. They decided to work full-time because the family was struggling to pay tuition out-of-pocket.  

Perez said, “It was really hard for my mom, especially. She was like, ‘No, I want you guys to go to college because that would be the main key to help everyone in the family.’ But then we were like, ‘It was either that, or we’re just not going to have any food at home.’”
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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)’s Small Business Development Program is looking to give Long Island minority and women business owners a chance to develop and grow within the construction industry.  

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More than 8,000 people listened Sunday night to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont speak on the New Haven Green. The Democratic Presidential candidate was in Connecticut ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary.

Sanders repeated his call for a “political revolution” to end poverty by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and to make public postsecondary education tuition free.

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Four presidential candidates were in Connecticut over the weekend in an effort to rally support for their candidacies ahead of the state’s Democratic and Republican primaries tomorrow.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent who is seeking the Democratic Party presidential nomination, had the weekend’s largest rally.

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Hundreds rallied for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Waterbury and Bridgeport, Connecticut, today.