Anthony Moaton

WSHU Newman's Own Foundation Fellow

Anthony Moaton is a recent graduate from Oberlin College where he made his own major in Performance Studies. He comes to WSHU through the Newman's Own Foundation Fellowship, which gives recent college graduates an opportunity to spend a year working in a non-profit organization. He is excited to be working with and mentored by his amazing co-workers and to develop the skills and tools to become a more effective storyteller.

Ways to Connect

Michael Melia / AP

A new plan would combine all 12 community colleges in Connecticut into one institution.

Richard Vogel / AP

A new study shows that Americans are more loyal to restaurants and retail stores than to cultural organizations, such as museums and theaters. The Culture Track study by marketing agency LaPlaca Cohen also reveals that Americans are changing the way they define culture, and social media has a lot to do with those changes.

Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Last week, the New Haven Police Department outfitted every patrol cruiser with fentanyl kits: gloves, a sleeve, a respirator mask, a biohazard container and a baggie for safer handling of the drug.

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

This weekend, many parts of Connecticut will host fundraisers, blood drives and other events, as part of the ongoing effort to bring relief and resources to the people of Puerto Rico.

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The Iraqi prime minister has vowed to keep his country together following Monday’s Kurdish referendum. He has ordered that the Kurdish region hand over airports to Iraqi federal authorities by Friday or face a flight ban.