Anthony Moaton

WSHU Newman's Own Foundation Fellow

Anthony Moaton is a recent graduate from Oberlin College where he made his own major in Performance Studies. He comes to WSHU through the Newman's Own Foundation Fellowship, which gives recent college graduates an opportunity to spend a year working in a non-profit organization. He is excited to be working with and mentored by his amazing co-workers and to develop the skills and tools to become a more effective storyteller.

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Connecticut cities and towns are cutting their education budgets in response to cuts in state education aid. In November, the State reduced education aid by $58 million.

Anthony Moaton

New Haven schools are facing a $6.6 million deficit this year, which may lead to closings and firings before summer starts. 

Anthony Moaton / WSHU

The Survivors Swing Band played "Happy Birthday" at City Hall as residents packed the atrium to celebrate New Haven’s 380th birthday on Tuesday. To put that number in perspective for you, that’s 138 years older than the Declaration of Independence. 

Anthony Moaton

For more than a decade, The Legend of Miss Kendra has been told in New Haven schools to students of all ages to help them overcome adversity…and now it's becoming a book. 

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New Haven Mayor Toni Harp wants to extend the runway at Tweed Airport to add more flights to more destinations. But residents who live near Tweed are worried about what expansion would mean for their quality of life.