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Charles Lane

Plum Island’s past as a secret military base has been the subject of a number of conspiracy theories after years. Even though the lab will be moving to Kansas sometime around 2020, officials continue to do community outreach tours in an effort to improve the island’s image.

The outward face of the tours is Plum Island’s public affairs officer, Jason Golden.

Golden said he gives tours a lot, about once a week during the summertime. It’s part of a conscious effort to show the local community Plum Island is, in Golden’s words, “secure, but not secret.”

Many workers' prospects have improved as the unemployment rate has slipped down to 5.1 percent. But not all are seeing better days in the economic recovery. Recent studies show most jobs are going to workers either in the top third or the bottom third of income.

A study by Georgetown University found that middle-wage jobs haven't fully recovered from the Great Recession. They represent nearly a third of the jobs gained in the recovery but are still 900,000 jobs short of pre-recession levels, the study said.

Plum Island lies just off the tip of Long Island, not far from the Hamptons. It sports miles of unblemished shoreline, hundreds of acres of undeveloped forest, a lighthouse — and the federal government is planning to put all of it on the auction block.

But before you go putting your bid down, you should probably know: Many of the current residents have foot-and-mouth disease. And their neighbors on the mainland like it that way.

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A new study shows New York’s economic recovery since the Great Recession has been uneven across the state.

Over the last seven years, sales tax revenue has increased steadily in New York City, while the rest of the state, including Long Island, has struggled. That’s a problem for communities like Suffolk County that rely on sales tax revenue to pay the bills.

Mark LaVigne, the deputy director of the New York State Association of Counties, said Long Island’s elected officials don’t want to raise property taxes to make up for the sales tax revenue.

New York has become the first jurisdiction to finalize rules over Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. The new rules are aimed at protecting customers, but many say the state's new rules could stymie innovation.