Kate Remington

Music Director, Classical music program host

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Kate Remington received a degree in piano performance and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin. Her first radio position was with Wisconsin Public Radio, which included a wildly successful request program on Saturday mornings. She then moved to Chicago to join the fledgling nationally-distributed, Beethoven Satellite Network, originating from WFMT. Then Kate set out for Vermont Public Radio, to become the chief announcer there. In Vermont Kate met her husband, Dick Roberts, and that's where their son, Sam was born.  Kate and her family relocated to Fairfield to join WSHU in December of 2000, and she's been WSHU's Music Director since 2002.

When she's not on the air, Kate can usually be found at a stable in Monroe, CT, where she trains her horse, Tonka, in dressage.

Ignaz Leutgeb was the best horn player in Vienna during Mozart's time, but you wouldn't know that from all the sarcastic notes Mozart put in the manuscripts of the concertos he wrote for Leutgeb. Good thing he knew Mozart was kidding! We'll enjoy one of the concertos this morning.

Haydn's "Alleluia" Symphony received its name because during the first performance at the Esterhazy Palace, one of the chandeliers fell from the ceiling, but no one was injured. We'll enjoy it tonight.

You can leave your umbrella at home as we enjoy Brahms' first violin sonata, known as the "Rain" Sonata, this morning.


In his intriguing piece, Mirror in the Mirror, Arvo Part plays with the theme, even playing it upside down and backwards to create an introspective experience. We'll enjoy it tonight.

The Viennese might have gotten bored with Mozart, but that was never the case in Prague. Today we'll enjoy Mozart's Symphony No. 38, which had its premiere there.