Conn. State Rep. Rojas Proposes 4 Cent Gas Tax Increase

Jan 25, 2018

Democrat Representative Jason Rojas of East Hartford is proposing a 4 cent increase to the state gasoline tax to help shore up Connecticut’s Special Transportation Fund that’s running out of money.

Rojas, who’s the House chair of the tax-writing Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee made the proposal in a tweet. 

Rojas appears to be responding to a call from Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy, asking lawmakers to embark on a “serious conversation” on how to support and grow Connecticut’s Special Transportation Fund in the years to come. Malloy says lawmakers have to find more than $1.5 billion worth of revenue a year to keep the fund solvent for the next five years. Several lawmakers have proposed reintroducing tolls on the state’s highways.