Dannel Malloy

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says the state will work with hotel chains and non-profits to fight human trafficking.

Malloy: School-Based Juvenile Justice Reform Is Working

Jan 18, 2017
Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says that last school year, the number of students sent to court for getting in trouble in class has dropped by 6 percent across the state. But at some schools, the rate dropped more than 21 percent.

Jessica Hill / AP

On Thursday Governor Dannel Malloy said Connecticut has become the first state in the country to match all the people it has identified as chronically homeless with housing.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy spoke about his plan to change the formula for state aid to municipalities with the leaders of small towns on Wednesday. The governor says the plan will ensure that more state money goes to the towns in need.  

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Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy welcomed state lawmakers to the beginning of a new legislative session on Wednesday. He called on them to work with him in a bipartisan way to fix the state’s projected budget problems.