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Brynn Anderson / AP

Newtown Action Alliance, a gun control group founded in the wake of the Newtown school shooting, says the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida shows children are not safe in schools.

Gov. Malloy Calls For Ban On 'Bump Stocks'

Jan 10, 2018
Rick Bowmer / AP

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy wants to ban “bump stocks” or any accessories that mimic machine gun fire. The “bump stock” was used in last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

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A superior court judge in Connecticut is deciding whether to toss out a lawsuit filed by parents of two children killed in the 2012 Newtown school shooting. The suit says Newtown and its school district were negligent in its response to the shooting.

The plaintiffs are the parents of Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner, two first-graders killed in the shooting. Their lawsuit alleges the school failed to order a lockdown, which might have saved lives.

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Thursday marks five years since the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. As in previous years, there are no public events scheduled in Newtown and schools are still in session. However, communities across the country are holding vigils to mark the day.  

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Governor Cuomo’s getting a head start on his State of the State proposals, and says he’ll propose a bill to close a loophole that allows some convicted of domestic violence to possess guns.