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Mount Sinai And Stony Brook Announce Partnership

Aug 11, 2016
JD Allen / WSHU

Stony Brook Medicine on Long Island and Mount Sinai Health Systems in New York City have entered into a partnership. As of Wednesday, the two organizations are collaborating on research, and medical students are now able to train at both sites.

JD Allen / WSHU

This year all of the Olympic swimmers are wearing swimsuits that were developed to mimic sharkskin.  Now though, scientists have shown that the man-made design works better for swimmers in a pool than sharkskin does for sharks in the least when it comes to drag. 

Luke Jones / Flickr

In Suffolk County high levels of nitrogen can be found in household wastewater, and officials call it the greatest source of water pollution on Long Island. Researchers are developing a new filter designed to help reduce nitrogen pollution in Long Island’s groundwater.

Courtesy of Pixabay

The sound of cicadas is being heard across the Northeast right now, but the only place Long Islanders can see them this summer is in Wildwood State Park.

Professor Douglas Futuyma, with Stony Brook University's Ecology and Evolution Department, said that periodical cicadas are not like ordinary insects.