Suffolk County

Dowling College Fights To Stay Open

Jun 8, 2016
Frank Eltman / AP

Dowling College in Suffolk County is $54 million in debt, but it’s fighting to stay open.

The Dowling Board of Trustees want to become academic partners with Global University Systems, an international network of universities based in the United Kingdom.

Mike Balsamo / AP

Suffolk County lawmakers want District Attorney Thomas Spota to appear before the legislature next week to address allegations against his office.

#StaySuffolk Campaign Encourages Residents To Staycation On L.I.

Jun 8, 2016
David Orban / Flickr

Tourism officials on Long Island say even though Suffolk County will soon be inundated with tourists, that’s no reason to leave. They launched a local tourism campaign on Tuesday called “Stay Suffolk.”

New York Police Department / AP

A new Suffolk County law prohibits the manufacturing and sale of the synthetic drugs known as K2 and bath salts. New York State already has a ban on those drugs, but Suffolk County’s law goes further by banning all strains of it. Supporters hope the tighter ban will help stop it from being sold in the county.  

Frank Eltman / AP

With $54 million in debt, Dowling College on Long Island is closing Friday afternoon.

College President Albert Inserra said the school was unable to find a “suitable academic partner” to help it stay open.