Suffolk County

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The Suffolk County Legislature rang in the New Year with its first meeting of 2017, with DuWayne Gregory re-elected as presiding officer.

Cuomo Vetoes Bill To Fund Public Defenders

Jan 2, 2017
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Suffolk County is one of five counties in New York where the state funds legal services for the poor. On Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have extended state funding to all 62 counties.

Fentanyl Is Deadliest Drug On Long Island

Dec 30, 2016
Tom Gannam / AP

The synthetic opioid fentanyl has surpassed heroin as the most deadly drug on Long Island. It has killed at least 220 people in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in 2016.

Courtesy of Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco / Facebook


Suffolk County has changed its policy on how its police hold immigrants wanted for deportation by the federal government. For years, it required a judge’s order to do that but now, its sheriff, Vincent Demarco, says they will honor those requests from the federal government without a judge’s order.



WSHU’s Jessica Opatich spoke with DeMarco about the county’s policy change and joined WSHU News Director Dan Katz to discuss what she learned. Below is a transcript of their conversation.



Reports Of Cover Up In Suffolk Police Chief Assault Case

Dec 22, 2016
Scott Davidson

There are reports that members of the Suffolk County Police Department secretly pleaded guilty to helping former Police Chief James Burke cover up a crime.