Suffolk County

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Red light cameras are designed to catch drivers who run red lights. Studies have shown they make intersections less deadly. So why over the last several years have the number of communities using red light cameras fallen?

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Police on Long Island are looking for the man they have dubbed “the Donut Robber,” who has robbed 15 donut and convenience stores since March.

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Nearly 170 historic religious institutions across New York State will show off their art, architecture and history this weekend.

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Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said  Thursday that longtime District Attorney Tom Spota has created a culture of corruption.

“The culture of corruption that has clearly existed now in this county and in law enforcement for decades has continued unabated and has only worsened.” Bellone said. 

L.I. Gang Member Receives 12 Years In Teen Rape Case

May 12, 2016
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A Long Island gang member was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to raping a Brentwood teenager last May.