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Scientists at several schools, including Yale University, have identified one part of the brain that activates when we have spiritual experiences.

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A new study from Yale University shows that where people live may affect their well-being.

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Yale University is rescinding the honorary degree it awarded Bill Cosby. It’s the first honorary degree Yale has rescinded in its more than 300-year history.

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There are lots of stories and rumors about secret societies at elite colleges. Skull and Bones is the oldest and most notorious secret college society in America. Not much is known about what goes on at Skull and Bones, but you can easily find its headquarters on the campus of Yale University in New Haven.

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It’s one of the world’s great literary mysteries: a 15th century book full of bizarre illustrations of imaginary plants, astrological signs, surreal figures and landscapes. Its origins are unknown, its creator anonymous. And it’s written entirely in an unknown language that’s stumped the world’s greatest codebreakers.