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The former Yale University dining hall worker who resigned after smashing a stained-glass window depicting slaves is asking for his job back.

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A dining hall employee at Yale University shattered a stained-glass window with a broomstick last month at Calhoun College and faces criminal charges. Now he’s become a hero for people who want the university to change the college’s name.

Ties That Bind: How A Patron Saved His Bookbinder

Jun 20, 2016
Patron and Bookbinder
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When George Kirkpatrick woke up one day in 2009, he had no idea what anyone around him was saying.

“It may sound strange, but all I could do was laugh. I couldn’t believe people could make such strange sounds!” Kirkpatrick remembered.

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If you’re starting a new diet, you might want to choose your friends carefully. A new Yale study says when most people try to lose weight, they end up making more overweight friends and fewer thin friends, causing those diets to backfire.

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The centerpiece of Yale University’s English program is a course that mostly covers just eight poets over two semesters. Some Yale students have started a petition to change it, saying the poets don’t represent them. That’s because all eight poets are white men.